25 December 2010

christmas eve:: the stable

I found my donkeys.   I'd taken the precaution of wearing a donkey jacket just in case I needed to use that a substitute but it was only necessary to keep me warm rather than for the styling.  We tried one farm (closed) then crossed the treacherous icy paths of Mudchute Farm looking for their donkeys.  They very sensibly had decided to stay in the warm of the stable, so I had to squeeze the camera through a space to snap them.  I like the fact that they are in a stable, and the knowing, somewhat world weary looks they're wearing.

So here we are.  Time for bed.  And a Happy Christmas to all, Eeyores included.


Anonymous said...

We used to go to Greenwich every Christmas Eve to look at the deer and pretend to the kids that they were reindeer in disguise. Obviously they are much too old for this now! Love your donkeys. Thank you for all your posts this year, happy Christmas and best wishes for 2011.


colleen said...


Your visits to Greenwich sound lovely - it is one of my facourite places. I am particularly fond of the donkey rides at the top of the park, though they were absent when we were there a couple of weekends ago.

I hope you are your beautiful family had - and will have - a wonderful time this Christmas.


Val said...

Sending you Merry Christmas and a Happy New year wishes from across the ocean!

Can I confess to a strong fondness for donkeys cultivated on the sands of Rhyl (6d a ride)
That is a lovely photo and I appreciated the effort taken to find and take it,it is nice to know they are cosy and indoors and not sad and cold :0)

Liz said...

Love those donkeys. (We have donkey rides on the local beach here during the summer). Hope you're having a wonderfully festive time.

Esther Montgomery said...

Ever seen a donkey smile?

Hope you are having a lovely Christmas.