10 November 2010


I thought I might find some of these in Cornwall, but no.  Luckily I had a fall back.  What's more the yuccas in the garden at the front of John's school garden on the Isle of Dogs were still in flower.  Rather amazing.  As it happens, yuccas are very good for schools, especially ones that have to cater for hundreds of young people intent on taking short cuts through the gardens.  They make them think twice, especially when there are agaves to keep them company.  If yuccas do suffer damage, you can just stick off the broken bits in the ground and they'll grow - even in the growing medium which passes for soil in London.  They don't need watering, they are easily propagated, spikes notwithstanding, and when they flower they just look spectacular.

Especially in November when the trees are nearly bare and the weather is about to turn.


jane said...

what a clever plant! i am especially impressed that bits stuck into the ground grow. truly brilliant.

Liz said...

I've only ever grown yuccas as indoor plants. Those flowers are very impressive for the time of year.