31 October 2010


This wall and wallflower is in Walthamstow, just at the end of the market by the bike parking.  It is a most elegant bit of graffitti, more attractive in many respects than the Banksy sunflower in Bethnal Green and a very satisfying bit of wall art.  I'm particualry fond too of natural plant invasion - ivy, ferns, or even buddleia. Not that walls have to be adorned to be beautiful.  One of my favourites is a wall outside Shoreditch Church where the rustication is so worn that it now more ocelot than stone.  I'd be proud to have any of my wall collection at the end of my garden or guarding me against the weather. These are just a few of them, others have featured here over the years (try the walls label for more!)

I'm not alone in my wall fancy,  I'm glad to say, and pleased to see a link  between walls and wool that goes beyond the slack vowels of an East London accent.

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jane said...

I love walls too, what brilliant photos. i love the texture that they give us all around ourselves. It is only the lucky ones who notice it.

I also have a soft spot for doors...