26 August 2010


You'll get the picture when I tell you that I have been meaning to write about progress on my New Year's resolutions for, well, months.  Summer came along, the days were sunny and too hot to do anything other than go to the seaside, or wait until the cool of evening to water the allotment and my mid year review was set aside.

So to get things rolling, let's take as a benchmark my first school report, a report of such goody-two-shoesness that it was framed and put on display on my bedroom, presumably so that I would aspire ever after to such heights.  It proved hard to live up to, which is probably why my resolutions have become ever more modest, and most frequently condensed into one or two words.  This year it was to be bolder, supplemented by a few aims to be greener, healthier, thriftier.

First, my intention to walk ten thousand steps a day or learn how to use the outdoor gym in Mile End Park were gently dropped, a far cry from my days as an "active agile little girl".  Exercising my "excellent creative writing" by paying attention to my blog was, and still is, slack.  Likewise, my "fluent, intelligent reading" has plumbed such depths that I've decided to clear my bedside table of those piles of unread books because they just make me feel guilty.  As for my "well-finished needlework", one summer skirt remains half finished, another has progressed no further than being cut out and tied up neatly.  A multiple-size dress pattern has been neatly cut out to my size, gently folded, and put back in the envelope.

My achievements are scant: a quarter completed crochet blanket, to assist further slothfulness come winter; plenty of restyled clothes from my wardrobe or charity shop buys; using my bike instead of my car as much as possible.  My overarching ambition of "being bolder" I must pronounce a dismal failure although there are  one or two minor achievements that I might mention later. All the while, the leaves are crinkling and autumn is nearly upon us.

Overall a resounding "must do better", I think.  And I've started already...

PS When I checked on the etymology of the word sloth and found that it is sometimes used as the collective noun for a company of bears.  Sounds delightful and most appropriate in my case.


knit nurse said...

Great to have modest aspirations, as long as they don't turn into a stick to beat yourself with...

I have just cast on with my first major knitting project of the year - at the end of August FFS! But it just feels right now, where it didn't before. Go with the flow, I say.

Liz said...

Love your school report. I have some from the same era in the same format, one with the concluding comment "Elizabeth should not take her position in class for granted". Enough said.

As for progressing your New Year's resolutions, there's always tomorrow. (My Clothkirts skirt is still waiting to be sewn).

monix said...

I see you are working your way through the Deadly Sins. With gluttony and sloth out of the way, I can't wait to see what is coming next!

Rattling On said...

I've decided to stop beating myself up about the things I haven't done, and instead just be glad that some things do get knocked off the list. Eventually!

Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

Trust in autumn. It re-activates us. You'll probably find you're taking on a whole new range of projects pretty soon.


P.S. Didn't mean to sound like a horoscope.

Val said...

S'truth that was a good report

As a person who adds "make list" to the top of any list I make just so there is one thing that is eventually crossed off ..what can I say ...lol

Ps 1/4 of a blanket is 1/4 more than I achieved ..:0)

PPS I'm with Maureen ..what next..lol

Woolly Stuff said...

Hi, nice to meet you yesterday at V's party - your blog looks lovely, I'll read some more of it soon!

jasmine xx