08 July 2010


Looks like there's some food left in those bowls.

I don't think anyone's noticed that I've crept in here while the back door's open.

Might as well finish it all off so they don't have to wash up.

Then he has the cheek to do a massive miaow as he saunters off as if to say he can find better leftovers elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

Oh, cats can be that way.

We have a neighbor cat who sits on my porch railing and watches us through the window. It's always such a pleasure to see him there.


jane said...

Oh he looks so fuzzy and full of purr. I would love a cat....

JoannaD said...

I love the colours in those top two pictures.

Liz said...

He sounds rather like my girlie's cat. In the last week Trixie's brought home a sausage (still hot)and a pitta bread.