18 July 2010

not quite the big lunch

Dalston Mill, 2009
I was very tempted to set up a Big Lunch event in our street but never quite got my act together in time to get people involved and shut off the street.   A few of us thought about a picnic, but got cold feet in case the weather was rough.  Then last night I decided that I was being a complete wimp, so I made up some invitations and posted them just before midnight inviting the neighbours round for tea.

A lot of frantic baking went on before tea-time today- I managed to pull off six different types of cakes, with no major upsets, but ran out of time before I could make cucumber sandwiches.  My next door neighbour,  a French woman of impeccable taste, brought the most delicious little chocolate cakes with ginger, cinnamon and lime and another brought some jolly iced fairy cakes.  Neighbours who lived a few doors away from each other met for the first time.  Children painted pictures in the garden and then played hide and seek.  After several cups of tea, the over-18s had something a little stronger.   It was a lovely afternoon.

I've just climbed into bed a little on the weary side, but I reckon I just may have persuaded the neighbours that we can pull off a Big Lunch next year.


jane said...

This sounds completely wonderful. And that is all I have to say on the matter.

monix said...

What a great way to get the neighbours together. I wonder if I could get mine to respond as well as yours did, I'm inspired to try it.

Liz said...

Brilliant. Wonder if it would work here?

Anonymous said...

sounds brilliant, i wonder if i could do it here?

60 going on 16 said...

Would love to do something similar here but, sadly, can easily predict the responses, especially those of the perpetually grumpy/glass-half-empty neighbours. Now, were I still in London, there would be no problem - all our neighbours were firmly committed to the principle of 'any excuse for a get-together'. Will just have to go and look at the compensatory views instead, through the torrential rain, that is.

Felix said...

I just read a great article over on Joe Moran's blog about the history of the street party


...I thought you might enjoy reading this! Your tea party sounds like it was marvellous and I do like the photo of you with that blackboard and its important question.