10 July 2010

happy feet

Last weekend I spent Sunday afternoon sitting in a shady dell in the park with some friends listening to a concert of world music put on as part of Cultural Co-operation's Music Village Festival.  There was a lovely relaxed atmosphere.  People had brought picnics and either lazed around or stood closer to the stage and moved to the music.  A couple arrived and stood close by and soon their feet with tapping and their hips were doing that shimmy thing.  Things started warming up when Conjunto Sabroso came on.

She looked perfect - swishy frock, neat little bolero, proper red dancing shoes.  He was much more  relaxed.

I wondered where they met.  Dance classes?  When she went on holiday to South America to improve here technique?

I'm thinking about dance classes now.  Now I've got some magic honey cream for my sore feet I should be OK.


There's a final festival event at Hyde Park tomorrow if you're interested.  


Liz said...

Well, when the rhythm gets you you gotta go with it. Can almost hear the beat!

Rattling On said...

We once went to a salsa night in Manchester. They gave a free lesson beforehand. All was going well until the snake-hipped instructor chqanged direction and we fell apart. It was really good fun, and some of the people there were amazing to watch.

jane said...

Perfect shoes! Both pairs. Such great shots of a real moment.

JoannaD said...

LOVELY pics. They really capture the moment.

Anonymous said...

i thought you would enjoy this.