04 June 2010


The allotment is absolutely blooming.  Just last week, the weedy looking plants, grown in my backyard  without a greenhouse and subjected to the chilly spring weather, were looking as if they were unlikely to survive let alone thrive.  Now, in the course of a matter of days, warm days interspersed with some rain, there has been a huge growth spurt.  These lovely, delicate opium poppies must have turned up in the compost.  I'm often brutal but like to leave a few poppies, not too many because they become impossible to manage. I'm glad I eased off with these.

I noticed more poppies in the "wild" meadows in Mile End Park as I was cycling along the canal this morning.  There are all sorts in here - daisies, buttercups, pink campion, the odd cornflower, and red poppies standing out loudly among the rest of the flowers.

The sowing of meadow plants have been a great success in the park, no doubt because they prefer a poor, starved ground, growing as they are on areas that were once old houses and scrapyards.  With a strong imagination, you might even be able to pretend you are in a new poppyland,

Whatever.  All I know is that something - possibly some hay fever medication - has been acting like a narcotic on me.  One nap is indulgent, two positively decadent.  And now,  just thinking about those poppies again,  I can hardly keep my eyes open.


Rattling On said...

The poppies on your allotment look wonderful, glad you gave them a chance. I love the photo of the high rise behind the meadow, it looks very peaceful.

Liz said...

Please provide details of medication.

Need sleep.

Gerry Snape said...

I'm loving June this year. Is it better than ever or am I just glad when another comes around!

knit nurse said...

I have to agree that I follow the same policy with the poppies in the garden I tend at my partner's mum's house. Last year they got a bit out of hand - this year I'll be making sure I cut all but one of the seed heads off before it's too late!