03 May 2010

country sheep, town sheep

I was mighty relieved to see the sheep in the cherry orchard this weekend.  I've been passing this orchard on Graveney Marshes for some years on the way to the seaside and buying cherries each summer from a temporary stall during the picking season.  Then last year - or was it the year before? - I noticed the farm was up for sale, the orchard was sectioned in two and a number of the trees were cut down.  It was lovely to see the sheep safely grazing again; fingers crossed, there may even be a cherry stall in the summer.

There are no cherry orchards here in my part of town, but plenty of ornamental cherries...and sheep.  The weather was so inclement that at one point I thought it was snowing, only to find it was the blossom blowing off the trees in the street.  When the showers finally eased off, we snuck down to Mudchute to hoe up the potatoes.  Walking through the farm we were just in time to see the lambs going wild.  Apparently, they race around the field just after they get let out in the morning and just before they go in for the night.  I've never seen anything like it.  

They lined up like racehorses and then bombed around the field as fast as they could go.

Maybe it's because there are more males than females this year.

Or maybe it's a street-wise town sheep kind of thing.


Rattling On said...

If I were a sheep I'd definitely prefer to be roaming the cherry orchard. Lovely.

Liz said...

Loads of ornamental cherry blossom trees here, too, even some new ones in the centre of town. Those lambs look full of the joys of spring.

Gerry Snape said...

thanks for coming by on my blog. We are also surrounded by houses 16 neighbours in all. It's amazing what you can do. By the way one of my main loves is also the seaside!

Unknown said...

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