14 April 2010

spring greens

Tomorrow's lunch, our first cut of asparagus this year.

Vase co-ordinating with favourite frog.

Cowslip spotted while cycling through Mile End Park today.  Well, it's a bit green, isn't it.  And such a treat.


Rattling On said...

I adore asparagus but I've never tried growing it.
We used to get cowslips growing in our garden in Reading, but I don't think the weather is good enough here generally in Spring.

Liz said...

Lovely signs of spring having sprung.

Val said...

Spring..How lovely ..the asparagus looks yummy and the flowers gorgeous

Anonymous said...

beautiful, beautiful.
i don't know if you're familiar with john clare, the peasant poet, bard of the fens and historian of the land just before enclosure -- who was sent to the loony bin and escaped? and walked three days to get home to helpston, i think it was, eating only grass? a journey retraced by the psychogeography guy, whose name i forget???
in any case, i've been looking at carry akroyd's book of serigraphs about john clare and the countryside. so much of it reminds me of your walks and photographs.
the john clare society is having a bard of the fens contest.
i think you should enter!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

iain sinclair, i think it is.

colleen said...

Poor John Clare. I am familiar with him. When I saw an exhibition of photographs a couple of years ago, and sad people in asylums with their stripy clothes and sad faces, I kept thinking of him.

'Tis Ian Sinclair.

Anonymous said...

the warden was very kind to him, apparently, and he wrote some of his best poems in the bin.
the carry akroyd book is both very lyrical and observant, as he was, and also concerned with the destruction of the land. it's not a downer though, it's beautiful. vixens and lapwings and badgers and hares and cowslips dancing.

kristina said...

Oh your asparagus looks gorgeous! And I love the cowslip, too... K x