14 February 2010


John celebrates his birthday today and when he came down this morning, this is what he found. My son had left him some (by then cold) toast with a Nutella heart, which must have taken some concentration as he didn't get home from his night out until around 8 o'clock this morning. The card comes from Felix's anti-valentine collection ( and thanks to her for getting them to us on time - I knew my boy would like them.)

So here's a toast to you all with best wishes for a lovely day. Toasty warm at least.


Rattling On said...

A return of the birthday greetings, hope you all have a great day. Love the Nutella!!

Joanna said...

My husband's birthday is tomorrow. If he had been born an hr earlier he wd have been called valentine. Phew! LOVE yr son's present - happy days

x Joanna

Val said...

Have fun!

60 going on 16 said...

Ah, toast, nothing like it. Even when cold. Hope John is enjoying his day.

Liz said...

Perfect birthday breakfast (cold toast is so much better). Wishing the mister many happy returns.

Felix said...

I'm so happy the cards made it in time and I love your nutella version of the Valentine beside my jammy toast picture.

There was toast in our house yesterday too; I think it is the true food of love.