09 February 2010

make do and mend

Thanks for all the helpful comments about vacuum cleaners! Just goes to show that nature may abhor a vacuum but we don't. I still have not got round to mending the existing machine and am seriously tempted by the promise of a lighter, brighter model...when I've saved up for it (though a new camera may come first) .

I'm all for saving but even I was beginning to think about the value of darning the moth damage in a pair of John's socks this week- we were talking about some serious holes here - but to be honest, I do rather like the challenge of a bit of darning, and as long as he doesn't flash his ankles they should be fine for the rest of the cold weather. I'm also thinking about doing something with the remains of my old Harris Tweed allotment jacket that the moths devastated and which I have now unpicked and salvaged. I have an idea for using the remains which involves this map of the Manor Gardens allotment site, now demolished for the Olympics. Hope it will be finished before 2012. My project that is.

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