11 February 2010


Yes! Chitting has started. and somehow it feels that sub-zero temperatures will rise and spring will arrive. After the messing around we had last year with the aminopyralid and while we are still waiting for the results of the soil contamination tests, I decided not to go too wild and just popped down to B&Q and got what they had on sale - Pentland Javelin, Nicola and Charlotte (oh, I know one or the other would have done rather than both), and Desiree. There are so many that I've had to bring a table in from the garden to lay them on.

Now when I come down in the morning I find that there is something eerily reminscent of Anthony Gormley's Field for the British Isles going on in the kitchen.


Rattling On said...

I hate the smell of the potatoes, doesn't it bother you in the house?

I've also looked at your blog every day and all the posts since the broom have only appeared this afternoon...so don't think I'm not reading, they just don't show for some reason!

VP said...

I've overbought in the spud line too.

But I do love chitting time. It's good to know that spring is coming relentlessly.

colleen said...

RO - Sorry re the posting -it's me not you. I saved it all up too long and backdated one, finished one befpre midnight, another after and scheduled the fourth for later in the day. So not surprising you are confused!

Can't say I've noticed the smell of the chitting potatoes. But then the drafts in our kitchen may be keeping the air fresh!

j said...

It will get warm again. But it seems so far away.

Hope the soil testing shows good results.