11 February 2010

all that glitters...

We have a little brass table that my niece uses when she pops in and we sit down and do a bit of painting or whatever. Her favourite thing, after finding the cats, is glueing and sticking and covering drawing paper with glitter, a task that she tackles with such gusto that all of her concentration and energy goes into it. Remnants of the glitter stick to everything - the table, the cushions, the carpet - for the rest of the week, impossible to eradicate.

I just love her glitter obsession. Absolutely priceless.


Liz said...

It's the same here after a cupcake making session though with edible glitter. I usually end up with a sparkly face. Not a good look at my age.

Anonymous said...

When my kids were really small and we were regulars at an Edinburgh mother and toddler group I heard a fantastic story from one of the other mothers. Her post natal examination for her third child had, indeed, revealed to the gynaecologist that glitter gets everywhere. Fortunately she could see the funny side. While mine are long past the glue glitter phase we too have the edible variety - my kids were hoping, to no avail, that they would have glittery poo!

Hope this post isn't too scatological.


colleen said...

Now there's a thought. What happens when you eat gold leaf?

Don't answer!