01 December 2009

day1:: amaryllis

I thought I might have a go again at an Advent Calendar again this year. I envisaged something with more "doing" in it, to avoid going over the same ground again, though that seems somewhat inevitable given the season. So really I should be proudly displaying the amaryllis that I had the foresight to plant a while back. No such luck, I'm afraid. These were bought at the weekend at Columbia Road. The first amaryllis arriving is one of those touchstones events that indicate a shift in the temporal season, a gearing up for Christmas. I do love the richness of the colour, almost velvety red. I suspect that these are extravagant in more ways than one though, probably imported from the Netherlands, and possibly grown in heated glasshouses.

Oh dear, oh dear, now I'm feeling guilty. And it's only the first day of December.


kristina said...

Don't feel guilty. Such a perfect Christmas-y color. How I wish it were easier for us to get to Columbia Road from here. I so love the Sunday flower market and surrounding shops/galleries. K x

jane said...

Beautiful photo! I've never been to Columbia Road, this must change very soon.

Rattling On said...

The Netherlands is a country founded on trade. If you don't trade with them they're sunk. So enjoy the lovely amaryllis with a clear conscience!