06 December 2009

day 6:: fizz

I came across this empty bottle of Prosecco today on the wall of St Leonard's churchyard in Shoreditch. I like the wall, and the moss and cut buddleia.

The party season is with us.


jane said...

Wonderful find. Prosecco bottle: abandoned in Shoreditch. That's so perfect!

Arabella Sock said...

Detective Sock has been on the trail of this and has identified the Prosecco as being available at Lidl for only £2.49!

The screw top is unusual and is bottled using the Charmat method in a 'crown' type bottle top, to protect from humidity and corrosion. The bouquet is fresh, filled with scents of fruit. Excellent as an aperitif and with fish, shellfish and white meat dishes. Serve chilled at 8-10° C.

An arrest is expected very soon.

colleen said...

DCI Sock - acting on insider information, I suspect.