05 December 2009

day 5:: sherbet lemons

I spotted these as I was leaving the old Shoreditch Town Hall yesterday and took one. About 25 yards down the road, I turned round and went back for more. It is not a good move to follow up three roof-of-the-mouth scorching sherbet lemons with chilli dressing on your supper.

I dreamed last night of proper lemon shaped sherbet lemons, the ones that stick together in the paper bag but when I saw some in a shop in Cambridge today, the queue was too long for me to wait. Probably just as well.


Weeping Sore said...

Stop making me hungry! ;)
I should know by now not to read your blog before dinner. I agree about the perfect shape

Rattling On said...

Love the cake stand, the yellow contrasts really well with it.

shandy said...

I am enjoying reading your earlier entries, having discovered you through Needled. I was really interested by your sense of loss when down-sizing in your work.

colleen said...

You can buy the cake stands from http://www.letthemeatcake.co.uk/.

They let us use their cake stands at ane East End WI cake stall this year.