04 December 2009

day 4:: hats and headwear

Getting a new hat was an important part of getting ready for Christmas when I was a child. Hats knitted around an alice band for everyday, and more elegant affairs for church and special occasions. There's a picture somewhere of a me in a lovely little angora boater on a winter trip to the circus, sitting on a plaster zebra. And I still love a hat. So today when I came across Janie Lawson at the East London Design Show I indulged myself and bought a flighty little kit and sat down for an hour with Janie making some fancy headgear to wear while I made the Christmas dinner. She was patient and charming and we sat and chatted about how she had become a milliner while she showed me how to make a milliner's knot and sew beads onto sinemay. I was spoilt by her attention. And very pleased with my pretty headwear. Janie will be at ELDS for the next two days if you would like to go along and meet her and make or buy something yourself.

There's only one problem. I didn't have my headwear when I arrived home, which explains why there is no picture of the finished object. I may have left it in the cafe when I had a cup of tea before I headed home.

I'm really needled about it.


kristina said...

Oh no! Do you think you can track it down? It sounds wonderful. I've always wanted to do a hat-making course... K x

Rattling On said...

How annoying, maybe some nice person handed it in?
I love wearing hats and have quite a few. People just don't really 'do' dressing up these days though, which is a real shame.

colleen said...

Good news! It was found and I'm going to pick it up tomorrow. Officially, I am no longer grumped.

Filipa said...

This is a great event, full of good designers, pieces and decorations!
Unfortunately, Boca do Lobo couldn’t be at because we were showing at other events, but we will definitely try to have Boca do Lobo showing at the next edition.
Hope to see you somewhere around the world.