21 December 2009

day 21:: lustre

The tree was brought home yesterday from the market and decorated today. I was thinking about not buying one this year. Just not really in the swing of things, a bit lacklustre. But once the tree is in place and the boxes come up from the cellar, my notions of restrained decoration disappear. I begin with a bit of pearliness, then some glittering glass, think about stopping there - briefly - then add a touch of deep red, find some silver to fill the gaps, then a few more pearly baubles. By the time I get to the bottom of the boxes there is not much left. Just the five "gold" rings.


Rattling On said...

Know what you mean about not quite being in the mood. I've not even wrapped the presents yet and usually that gives me a thrill-we've even got the right weather,

kristina said...

I debated not having a tree this year, too, but glad G talked me into it in the end. Ours is quite tiny to fit into the apartment: a Charlie Brown tree!

K x

Liz said...

I think I'm getting some Christmas spirit. Our tree (even with a bit of judicious trimming it's the fattest we've had) came inside last night and is now adorned with every decoration we possess. The first thing the cat did when he came downstairs this morning was to pinch a bit of lametta.