17 December 2009

day 17:: christmas cactus

This is how my Christmas Cactus looked on the first of December. I thought I might wait to see what happened but never really hoped for much.

And look. The first time it has flowered at Christmastime. this without any fussing with darkened rooms, other than the normal crepuscular light in my kitchen that is.

I also won three twenty five pound prizes on my Premium Bonds. And spent the evening by the fire - which lit first time - drinking Winter Pimms and talking jam recipes.

It's been a good day.


Val said...

Now that sounds like a nice evening.
Love the cactus

Liz said...

Your cactus has a fine sense of timing. Congratulations on the PB prizes. Isn't it great when you have a run of good luck? I think I might be tempted to buy a lottery ticket.

Anonymous said...

i adore cactuses, am studying them, and will become a cactus carer at the botanical gardens. lo, how a rose ere bloometh!

what are the PB prizes?

colleen said...

Jeanette - PB = Premium Bond, one of our National Savings products that pays out prizes rather than interest. No merit involved whatsoever.

Very impressed with the cactus studies.