11 December 2009

day 11:: christmas ale

I have been waiting all week to pour this, tantalised by Felix's description of the sound of pouring beer in her sonic advent calendar. I can confirm, as evidenced this evening, that it is a very good description. If your preference is for something cooler, then listen to the sound of this icy highland stream in Kate's captivating passage through December. I am so enjoying both of these calendars, and look forward to my daily visits with the anticipation of a child. Except I'm allowed beer, of course.

(PS Yes, Christmas Ale was in my advent calendar last year too. I offer no apologies.)

1 comment:

Felix said...

I am very happy that you find my description of the sound of beer-bottle-opening to be accurate!

Your Christmas Ale looks wondrous. I am sure I am not alone in being delighted to read once again about this beer again; one of the great things about the seasons is the sense of ritual that attends them. Indeed, I hope that I shall enjoy your annual Christmas Beer post for many years to come!