29 November 2009

what goes around

I had made a commitment to make a couple of cakes for a fund raising event today and searched in vain for inspiration, something that has been absent from my kitchen recently. Then I came across the recipe - and provenance - for Knit Nurse's Granny's Fruit Cake. It was just the ticket.

The sharing of recipes, patterns, thoughts and knowledge that send you off to try, see, think or read something is wonderful thing.. And a positive comment or follow up from someone who has been inspired by something you have posted is a foot stomping pleasure. (The picture that J sent me of her Apple Cake in the oven is still making me smile)

So I'm passing on thanks here for the recipe, from me and and the mystery person who won one of the cakes in the raffle. And when I make it again and someone tells me what a fine cake it is I'll be able to pass on the recipe too.


j said...

Well, I'm glad I preserved that cake (picture) for posterity because it was the start of something big. Do you know, I absolutely love baking? Reach this age and think you've done it all, well, all where housekeeping is concerned, but here- a newfound pleasure in life.

I enjoy the hands on peeling-measuring-mixing. People asking me what I'm making, when it'll be done, tasting and praising, and chatting about cakes past and cakes to come. I enjoy putting my kitchen to rights and checking for spices.

Because you posted your picture and shared your recipe. You're right. It's a wonderful thing.

Those Fruit Cakes look delicious. I hope you wore your bee apron.

Rattling On said...

They look lovely. Just what's needed now the weather's turned colder.

knit nurse said...

It's great to know that granny's fruit cake recipe is out there in the world! Now I just have to master the sponge and the Eccles cakes (I doubt I will ever have the patience for the latter - my gran even makes the puff pastry herself! Respect, granny!)

jane said...

That looks wonderful - the recipe really caught my eye when it was posted and I am so glad to see that yours has turned out so delicious-looking as well. Lucky raffle winner!
The blogworld is so wonderful for sharing recipes and that sort of thing, you are very right.

Milo said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmm love fruit cake!