08 November 2009

rosemary and other cemetery flowers

We walked in Tower Hamlets Cemetery this afternoon. It's the place we used to collect our seasonal ivy to deck the halls, much of which has been tidied by enthusiastic volunteers. It's still pretty ramshackle and wild in places. The crows were making a racket and every now and then I could hear the tapping of what sounded to me like a woodpecker. At the bottom of the War Memorial, below today's poppy wreaths, someone has planted a few rosemary plants, for remembrance, straggly and struggling a bit, but still managing to flower.

We found some more flowers. Some seasonal, like this autumn crocus.

And others looking slightly out of place this time of year. Like this cranesbill ( I think that's what it is).

And ragged robin?

Then the remains of a dandelion clock.

Enough said.


Val said...

Lovely delicate photos ...does that sound daft ?
perhaps I should say delicate flowers

Liz said...

We walked around one of our local cemeteries a couple of weeks ago, looking for what might be family headstones, and spotted numerous plastic flowers. Not quite as attractive as your finds!

Anna said...

Beautiful photos. This time of year it feels really important to appreciate the few flowers that are around.

Anonymous said...

somewhere years ago i read that the shelves of one of the oxbridge libraries are rubbed with rosemary to help the scholars study.

as a cemetery plant -- andthe cemetery as your source of evergreens! -- excellent, thank you.