30 November 2009

into the light

Every November I go along to a service to remember the dead. Not many people turn up, though I know many of the older people who do attend, parents of people I was at primary school with, staunchly loyal church attenders, people who have been associated with this church on the edge of the city for generations, including my own extended family. During the service, the family names of the dead are read out and people go up one by one to light a candle for them. It is a gently moving and intimate affair, especially when you can remember the time when the people whose names are called used to light candles themselves. Turn round as you make your way out and you can see the candles twinkling away in the chilly building. It's all rather uplifting, in spite of the gloominess and rain outside.

So we segue into December. Advent calendar tomorrow?


Anonymous said...
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60 going on 16 said...

What a perfect idea. None of my local churches offer anything similar. But I do my own version here, at home, with a bit of Buddhist meditation alongside, at the turn of the year. Old houses, candles, quiet reflection and memories seem to go together.