02 November 2009

beetroot splash

If I have mentioned before how much I love beetroot soup I make no apologies. The first borscht of the season marks the change from the late warmth of October with its outdoor golds and rusty leaves to the warmth of the kitchen. The contrast between the sweetness of the beetroot and the sharpness of the vinegar; the wonderful dark red colour that I can never quite reproduce; the knowledge that it's made from my own beetroots and home-made stock; the simplicity of the recipe; and the fact that this is John's speciality so I can just sit, watch and dip in some wheat-rye bread at my leisure. All this converges to give beetroot perfection.

The recipe is from Cranks Recipe Book, a very battered version in this case.

Onion (1 med); potato (small); beetroot (1lb/450g raw, though I used cooked); butter (1oz /25g- we use olive oil instead); stock (2 pints/1.2 l); cider vinegar (3tbsp/ 45ml); marmite (1tsp/5ml); salt, pepper, nutmeg to taste; soured cream or yoghurt, and parsley to garnish.
Saute onion, add other veg then stock. Bring to boil then simmer for half an hour. Blend. Serve.

This is the food of the kitchen gods, I swear.

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kristina said...

Must pass this recipe on to G, as he's been very keen to make some soup with our beetroots too. K x