21 October 2009

the sheep's nose

The Sheep's Nose is a culinary apple with a "sub-acid taste" according to the National Fruit Collection website. The name comes, apparently, from the shape of the apple. It would be just wonderful if these grew on Sheppey.


kristina said...

That would be perfect! Hope the WI quiz went well. Any apple prizes? K x

colleen said...


Oh yes, apple related prizes were the order of the day. You can see the bags I made (apples appliqued, filled with apply goodness) on the EEWI website www.eastendwi.blogspot.com. I included samples from my Brogdale gleanings and was told today by one of the winners how much she enjoyed them. Very pleasing.


Felix said...

I love this. I also grew very excited when I saw that there was an apple called 'Sheep's Nose.' What joy. x