20 October 2009

new pig on the block

We have a new neighbour on the allotment. The ginger Tamworth has moved out and a big boar Gloucester Old Spot has moved in. They are good foragers and used to get on well in the west country orchards, a proper smallholders pig.

It is said that the spots derive from the bruises made by the windfall apples. Such a handsome pig, though if I was him I would stay away from apple sauce as long as possible.


kristina said...

Fab story about the spots! I dream of having a pig, but sadly no livestock allowed on our allotments, and I don't think he'd fit in our flat... K x

60 going on 16 said...

One of the things I missed during my three months away from Devon was my regular pig-fix. My smallholding friend and neighbour keeps and rears Oxford Sandy and Blacks (plum pudding pigs); they are the most wonderful creatures.

j said...

Life is harsh--poor, poor, pig. And you will joke of it. ;)

Did you ever read E. B. White's Charlotte's Web? Your photo of the boar brought Garth Williams' drawing of Uncle (another of the characters in the book), immediately to mind. Must have been cousins.

colleen said...

Never read Charlotte's Web to my boy. How gender influenced is that? - shame on me. So the pig is unknown to me. But I will seek him out at the library.

Oxford Sandy and Blacks! Can you fall in love with a name??