26 October 2009

the comfort of apples

You know how it is when you have a notion in your head, suddenly it will appear in all sorts of places. Like...

: :: on the bookshelves in a charity shop ,the one that caught my eye was Comfort me with Apples, a wonderful title if ever there was one. Towards the end of the book, Ruth Reichl explains that it comes from the Song of Songs. And there it is in various translations - strengthen me with raisins, refresh me with apples. Much as I love the Song of Songs, all I could think of was wanting ( and making) a baked apple with raisins and butter and brown sugar.

: :: lots of other apply food too. Celeriac and apple soup with ginger (homemade recipe). Gravy with cider with our Sunday supper.

: :: walking through Greenwich market after a long walk through the park, across the heath and back again, a stall with six apples for a £1. I had the last six russets and ate one on the way home on the Docklands Light Railway.

: :: coming across Cranach's Adam and Eve on Saturday in the Courtauld,, such a surprise.

: :: on Sunday, a tree on the cliff tops on the Isle of Sheppey with just a few apples - the one I ate was surprisingly good. Then tracking down the cider maker on Sheppey and bringing a few pints home .

: :: still wondering if I'll ever taste a Shoreditch White or a London Pearmain. Or whether I can fit just one tree onto my allotment.

: :: looking forward to setting off to Essex in search of a D'Arcy Spice later this week.

I've enjoyed my immersion in apples, a virtual apple bobbing. Thanks for all your comments and contributions. Now it just remains to tell you that the winner of the Apple Source Book, chosen at random by John earlier this evening, is ... Kristina.

Congratulations! If you send me your address, I'll pop it in the post either this week or next, depending on Royal Mail.


kristina said...

Oh my goodness! How exciting! Thank you so much! I promise to make very good use of it.

And I'm sure you can fit at least one apple tree on your plot. I'm hoping to convince G to plant a dessert variety (as all the ones in our little orchard at Langdon Park are Bramleys).

As an aside, I was just looking at 'Comfort Me with Apples' on Amazon a few weeks ago. Sounded quite interesting and got some wonderful reviews. Would you recommend it?

And now I want a baked apple, too, and it's not even 8 am!

K x

colleen said...

I did not buy the book, just flicked through it. It has got wonderful reviews, but I am trying, not very successfully, to reduce the number of books we have in the house!