13 September 2009

what will the harvest be?

The answer is I am not quite sure because I did not manage to get along to Abbey Gardens yesterday to see what was cooking. We did visit at the end of August at the tail end of their Flowers - 4 - U event and the gardens were stunning. Joan mentioned the gardens in a comment here a while back, and then Lydia from East End WI suggested I get along and take a look. It took a couple of forays before we actually found it - my fault, I knew vaguely where it was, but missed the turning. (I will be writing at some point about planning, lack thereof, risks and consequences.)

Do take a look at the website and blog. The gardens have a fascinating provenance and their latest incarnation has been realised with imagination, skill and garden love. The next event is a seed swap, soup and social on 10th October. I'm going to try to get along then - planning skills permitting.


Anonymous said...

You missed our triumph in the cake section! If you look at the Friends of Abbey Gardens flickr page you can see a photo of our three children looking solemn with a rosette. But then we missed you the other week when we tried to get along to the St Barnabas fete and failed. Possibly might finally meet you at the seed swap.

Best wishes,


colleen said...

Found them! They look very solemn indeed - but then this is serious work. Is that your winning entry behind them? Looks very architectural.

East End WI has the Guerilla Gardener, Richard Reynolds speaking tomorrow (details on the EEWI website). Very excited - I'm betting that there will be some celebtration cakes there. Visitors welcome @ £3 a head.

Anonymous said...

Yes. It was a Nigel Slater chocolate fudge brownie recipe (left whole rather than cut into bits) decorated with raised beds (breadsticks and chocolate frosting) and marzipan veg. We only had purple, orange and green food colouring so there was a preponderance of aubergines, pumpkins and carrots - plus grapes on the curly wurly pergola. Took a few attempts to get the pergola right and so we had to eat the failures - only time my kids have been allowed curly wurlies for breakfast.

Would love to have been there tomorrow but Tuesday nights see me on the tube with three kids and a large brass instrument - eldest plays in a brass band (another reason why we find ourselves at fetes). Hope you get a good crowd.