14 September 2009

what was the harvest today?

Despite the most appalling neglect (I never quite get round to pinching out), confusion about provenance, and patchy blight around the plot, our cherry tomatoes are prolific. We much have picked about 4 or 5 lbs today from the scrappiest looking plants. Leaf chard, flat leaf parsley, a small cabbage and overgrown courgettes, possibly the last of the season, made up the harvest.

And some rogue amaranth and autumn hued sunflowers. With thanks to John for the sacrifice.

Now I'm wondering what Nigel Slater would make of that lot.


kristina said...

Once again, so very impressed with your tomatoes! I think our courgettes are just about finished as well...And I do adore Nigel :)

K x

Liz said...

Lovely ingredients. He might come up with cabbage leaves stuffed with a mix of all the other veg, sort of ratatouille style, and maybe some pinenuts or little cubes of Feta, and then steamed. I know. I'm getting carried away.

colleen said...

Liz - Sounds good, I think I might give that a whirl - or something like it.

Kristina - I think our courgettes are finally finished too. Shame.