01 September 2009

so and sew and sow

So. I had to buy a new laptop. The old one was declared dead, but I have not quite worked out how to transfer the data on to the new one, or open several webpages at once so I can add links, or loads of other things that I need a month of tutorials to master. If it is possible at all, that is. And I had lots of virtual entries for the Emsworth Village Show that I may well be too late to out in now.

All of which does not mean that I have not been busy. There has been lots of sewing, with a frenzy of Morsbag making, which has proved to be rather addictive, as well as lots of repairing and remodelling of allotment wear - I now realise that I have a complete collection of flowery frocks that built up while I was not paying attention, and I am rather enjoying the slight eccentricity of them all. They are also perfect for wearing when making and eating jam, for I finally got round to making some Rhubarb Recherche Jam. I modified a recipe I found online, using 2lbs rhubarb, 2lbs preserving sugar, 1lb dried figs, 1lb dried apricots and a cooking apple I found in the basket, with juice of two lemons and a quarter pint of the water used to soak the fruits in. It takes a while to set but the wait is worthwhile. Even though it is not the most photogenic of jams - and I did try - it tastes delectably of winter rather than summer, so for once in my life I am a step ahead - or, perish the thought, behind,.

The excitement of the jam making was, however, surpassed by the arrival of a package of New Mexican Hollyhocks, prophetically disguised as sequins, and destined to decorate the garden in front of the allotment shed. Heartfelt thanks to PureJuice from the Rancho Atomico. The bees will love them as much as me. Pure pleasure in a brown paper envelope.

And so to Sow to Grow. John has volunteered, sort of, to run a stall at St Barnabas Community Fete encouraging people to sow easy grow veg and bee loving plants on their back and front balconies and gardens. Much bee-thought has been going into this while I have been planning what biscuits to bake.

Oh yes - busy bees, busy bees.


emmat said...

Never too late! especially for lady with broken computer

Rattling On said...

The same happened to me 2 weeks ago and I got a new lap top.Are you on Windows XP? If so you have to have Internet Explorer and the latest version http://www.microsoft.com/windows/internet-explorer/default.aspx
This is what I used. It gives you a toolbar where you can keep opening new tabs. If you are Mac user then I don't have a clue!!

Liz said...

I'd love to know what I could plant in our little garden to attract bees. (I remember when my daughter was teeny she was always wanting to stroke their "stripey furry jackets", with stinging consequences!). How about honey shortbread to fit the bee theme? You might like the recipes here:


Happy new laptop, by the way.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad you got them. sorry about the ruse. the idea that they will breathe the air of the east end is incrediby romantic to me!!! bow bells!!! maybe it's because i'm a londoner!!!