20 September 2009


Picture the scene.

He picks up a few berries and puts them in his mouth. "Are these for blueberry muffins tomorrow?"

"No. Sloe gin"

His mouth should come back to normal in a few days.


Liz said...

It's easily done. Ever mistaken cat treats for peanuts? (In my defence, I didn't have the light or my specs on).

Felix said...

I tried one of our sloes the other day, for fun. There is a reason why people make Gin and not crumble, out of those...

...this may be a silly question, but is it OK to pick them now? I had it in my head that we ought to wait for the first frosts, but seeing yours all picked and ready to become Gin, I'm wondering if we shouldn't pluck the sloes from our blackthorn immediately!

Anonymous said...

Have to admit to getting my kids to try sloes at the Basildon Plotlands last year. I explained to them that now they knew what it was like to be a slug having salt poured over them. The resulting gin (from the rest of the harvest) is a fantastic colour though and this year we will remember it is there, after a crop from a year or two ago ate through an aluminium sigg bottle after being left for too long.

As someone who hasn't worked in 12 years and hasn't been very good at maintaining an identity, purpose etc. during that time I suspect that you will make a better job of your 'free time'. I'm sure that anyone who has been a working mother has lots of resources to call on. Look forward to following what you are up to in this blog.

Best wishes,