06 September 2009

emsworth village show

I missed the deadline for the Emsworth Village Show. And I had six tomatoes.

A miniature garden ( remember this?)

And jam.

I would have put Mario Panzer in for the best (honorary) chicken. But I can't upload any pictures because I've not quite figured it out and I can't take any new ones because he keeps escaping to the garden next door and hides under the ivy.

Ah well. No prizes there then.


Rattling On said...

I am awarding you a special Tomato Prize in lieu of a real one.
I had to make green chutney as Blight took hold in the greenhouse. (Doubt they'd ever have ripened anyway as it's rained for weeks.)
So, having 6 perfect red tommies is prize-worthy, and the co-ordinating plate just adds kudos.

emmat said...

You are so naughty! No one else is being so strict about the deadline! I have two pages of emails in my inbox! Send them in xx

Liz said...

Drum roll. And the winner is...........you! Congratulations.

j said...

We once had an enormous tortoise in our yard, but he was just passing through.

I am sitting here imagining how delicious that jam is.

kristina said...

Those are the most gorgeous tomatoes! And the jam looks delicious. So impressed. Definitely deserve top prizes, on time or not! K x

Anonymous said...

honorary chicken!!!!???!!!

you one funny guy.