06 September 2009

and sow to grow

I'm not quite sure how it happened but John was persuaded to get involved with a local project to encourage people to use their back gardens and balconies and window boxes to grow vegetables. With only a couple of weeks to get something together, those involved managed to get together piles of free seeds and a pretty little stall under the trees at St Barnabas Community Fete on Wennington Green.

Now I am exhausted to the point of not being able to sleep. Working on the stall was a small reminder of the power of the imagination of people, small community projects and the generosity of local people. I can't tell you how lovely, and tiring, it was speaking to people all day long, and seeing their eyes light up at the prospect of growing their own. There were people who just wanted to talk - the Buddhist monk with manic depression (he told me about it), the woman who talked non stop for 15 minutes about her flat, her battle with a mouse and what she had managed to grow - but what was so exciting to see was the sheer enthusiasm of everyone, keen to learn, some of them a little shy and others itching to get started, young people, old people, children. Watching them walk away clutching their free pots and planning their planting was wonderful.

We were next door to a stall displaying produce that people had already grown on their allotments or in their back garden and came home with three of the apples Anoushka had contributed. From Zealand Road to my kitchen, and the possibility of something else a little lovely.


kristina said...

What a fantastic project. K x

Liz said...

It all sounds great. I was involved in developing similar community projects to make a difference as part of a full service programme based in a secondary school. The possibilities are endless, really.