13 August 2009


Out in the middle of Regent's Park there is a new art gallery, up in the trees. The Treehouse Gallery has been made out of donated and found wood, and sits up in the trees held up by cables with more temporary buildings down below. In this one there are bookshelves within and the young woman who conceived this idea sits binding bark to the book spines, creating an inside out tree.

Down below, and in another treehouse, people are binding willow and making more geodesic structures. An older man was working hard making a larger dome to act as a roof on one of the structures. We talked about living in the open and how the best homes are womblike. He had reached this conclusion when he spent time investigating tepees in America. He now lives in a handmade home, like these, in South London, hidden from officialdom and prying eyes as far as I could make out. I'm glad there's space for him.

You can visit and play at the Treehouse Gallery until 5th September.


kristina said...

I always wanted to live in a treehouse when I was little. But alas all the trees in our new development were too tiny. And l love the willow spheres. K x

Lara said...

I had read about this and have been very keen to go along. Thanks for reminding me - it looks fab. I too have always haboured dreams of living in a treehouse.

Rattling On said...

We were once out on a hike and were going through some woods. We could see some structures in the trees. It turned out to be a protest camp, but in tree houses as they were trying to save the woodland. It was very impressive.

Felix said...

I keep reading about this and have decided it must be visited!