10 August 2009


This is my new favourite place for lunch. The tree sits above a part of the park called the Sheep Trough and you can just about park yourself in the cleat at the base and support for your back and get some shelter from the sun or the wind. The odd dog walker or cross country park hound goes by. Meanwhile I eat my lunch and read.

Today it was the William Boyd Park Story, set in Green Park. If you have not read the story and don't want it spoiled, stop here.

The story includes a new nomenclature for breezes and winds to replace the unromantic Beaufort Scale. I couldn't make my mind up as to whether this was a Valentin (leaves rustle) or a Modeste (branches shift).

By three o'clock it was definitely the latter.


60 Going On 16 said...

I remember that tree and the trough! If you walk in a park daily, you get to know the individual trees and each has its own character. When my daughter and I both lived just to the north of Hyde Park, (in Notting Hill and Marylebone respectively), we would meet early each morning to walk our dogs. Although we varied the routes we took, our walks would often take us via an enormous tree that grows in the south-east area of the park. We took to stopping here, giving the tree a pat and, from time to time making a wish. It became known as our very own Magic Tree because, sometimes, those wishes came true.

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

That is indeed a gorgeous tree - probably as well it can't talk ...

Liz said...

I was staying in a hotel opposite the park earlier this week (work related stuff) but sadly didn't have an opportunity to go in. I did spot some trees from my room's balcony, though!