28 July 2009

yantlet creek

We were back at Yantlet Creek last weekend, home of the laughing marsh frogs. The day was perfect for walking along the sea wall,, sunny but cloudy, a slight wind, almost empty apart from a few birdwatchers. Serious birdwatchers. John got excited when he saw an egret. That was before we met Trevor and his wife who were out there counting sightings of visiting birds. He offered to let John use his giant telescope so he could see the 23 egrets sitting out on the marshes, preening, and the hundreds of bar-tailed godwits sitting on the beach. Trevor's wife confessed to being the person responsible from bringing marsh frog tadpoles home from Romney Marsh for their garden pond. The frogs, as we now know,were rather more ambitious.

We tried to limit our ecological impact and picked only enough marsh samphire to provide a helping each for tea with some smoked fish.

The sharp salt taste of a sunny but cloudy day on the marshes.


Rattling On said...

What great photos. I prefer landscapes to be people-free when I photo them. Unless I know the people... Have never eaten samphire, but then we have no marshes round here. Can you eat broom? Thought not.

Anonymous said...

are these the marshes of the thames estuary? just been reading about those in ackroyd's Thames.