06 July 2009

park stories::2

Thank you so much for your park stories. They make poignant reading, with their sense of aloneness while being in a public space, an observation made by someone at the Adam Thorpe reading.

The fact is that even after just a week of walking daily through Hyde Park, you begin to notice that it is full of stories. On Friday morning, after the first Blur concert, I came across one young man, smart enough to be wearing proper black leather shoes, asleep under a tree with a blue sweater covering his head. What was his story? An early morning shower had freshened up the air after the heat of the day before and further along, where the paths criss-cross, people were walking more purposefully than they had been, even one weather worn gentleman of the road marched along with his orange carrier bag. I was curious -where to? By late afternoon the mood had changed again and the park was filling up with groups of people and their boozy picnics, waiting to hear the music. It was a good end to my first week.

Now my appetite is whetted, I want to see more park stories. Walking back through Mile End Park on Saturday with my shopping, there were more celebrations, Independence Day bunting, deck chairs, canal boats, coot chicks, young men punting, a pair of swans.

I snuck through the pathways cut through the long grass and eyed up the chicory. Very tempting, if you are a tortoise.


Anonymous said...

Thinking like a tortoise... your guest has had quite an effect on you.

Glad you had a good week. Glad you take your camera about with you. :)


Weeping Sore said...

People-watching is becoming my newest favorite thing. When I volunteer in a public garden, I enjoy seeing the visitors and observing what catches their fancy. At our county fair recently, I spent an afternoon sitting in the empty stands (in the shade) alternatively watching the beer tasting area, the try-outs for the world's strongest man, and the people coming and going. I look forward to more park stories and pics from you!