17 July 2009

knitting envy

When I was in the Temple Church last night to hear these people, the effigies of the Knights Templar with their stone chain mail put me in mind of knitting, especially these be-chained stockinged feet.

I love visiting blogs about knitting. Even though I attempt to knit now and again, I never quite see it through. Instead I get my pleasure vicariously from the beautiful work of more industrious and dedicated knitters, pleasure which derives not just from the artistry of the finished objects, but also from the naming of materials, techniques, textures, colours. All of these have the power to soothe, rather like rhythmic clicking of needles. As it was, I wanted to reach out and run my hands over the knittiness of the carvings.

I managed to contain myself for once.


emmat said...

you have made me want to go away and google how chain mail stayed together. It couldn't actually ahve been knitted, could it, yet it looks so very much like it.... :-)

emmat said...

MAN the internet is good!


colleen said...

That's a great article - expecially the warnings at the end.

Liz said...

I'm similarly taken with the idea of knitting, and I love looking at patterns and touching yarn, but like you I'm not much of a finisher. Consequently there are bags of projects "in progress" throughout this house. Oh yes, and ripping it all out (frogging?) is never an option.