21 June 2009

father's day

I'm afraid we don't normally celebrate father's day. This year though I found a present which needed an occasion. It was at Prick Your Finger's exhibition of Meiko's knitted lizards.
John's sister always used to say he reminded her of Mr Jeremy Fisher and, thinking of that and the wonderful Laughing Marsh Frogs near Yantlet Creek, this beautiful anatomically correct frog seemed like the perfect present.

As if waking up to an exquisitely knitted frog was not enough pleasure, the rest of the day heaped one delight on another. He had a cup of tea and found a new hankie at Paradise Gardens, visited the Wall of Death (freakin' fantastic!), saw a giant robot puppet made out of recycling bins, and drew a picture of his favourite book to hang on a book tree.

Later, dear readers, I presented him with the first new potatoes of the year.

And, swoon, he then found a yucca thrown on the manure heap.

A lesser man might be intoxicated with delight, but selfless to the last, he did not forget his friend Mario Panzer. For he remembered how Mr Jeremy Fisher's friend, Alderman Ptolemy Tortoise, had brought for lunch a salad in a string bag . Unfortunately the house guest had retreated to his lodgings under the ivy by the time we got home. What a literary inspired treat he has in store for tomorrow.


RattlingOn said...

Sounds like a fantastic day. Love the frog.

Liz said...

It all sounds good. Methinks you may have set a precedent.

Liz said...

Mario Panzer. I just got it!

Anna said...

What a great fathers day! The frog is too cute.

kristina said...

What a super fab frog! K x