06 June 2009

cider and roses

I had to meet someone in Hyde Park yesterday. It's not my favourite park. It's big and I can never get my bearings. Trying to find the building I was looking for and puzzled by the criss-crossing paths, I felt like I was out on the Steppes waiting for some apocalyptic horsemen to come and find me. I'd already been waylaid by the the Rose Garden. Roses aren't a favourite either. But the enclosed space and the sheer volume of flowers harboured the most wonderful scent. I was standing there like a fool breathing it all in (did I have time to take a snap, no! too late already) and a man with a brolly came towards me. "Isn't the scent wonderful?" I said, hoping this would make me look less like a loony. "Mmm" replied Bill Nighy. Not love actually.

I eventually found my quarry. Tried to head back to Victoria, ended up at the wrong end of the park (this with a map, too). An eye test, dilated eyeballs, a taxi ride to meet a friend (extravagance the result of great tardiness and fuzzy eyesight), a sprint through Tate Britain, and then my reward.

Sheeps Nose, Yarlington Mill, Brown Snout and Foxwhelp. Cider and Poetry. Almost love, actually.


kristina said...

Glad I'm not the only one who gets terribly lost in Hyde Park! Was that really Bill Nighy? K x

Liz said...

Great post. At first, I thought your assignation was with Bill and I was just on the verge of being very impressed. My knowledge of Hyde Park is more or less limited to the Rolling Stones concert in 1969. I'd like to say I was only a tot at the time. But I wasn't.

Rattling On said...

I understand completely. If a shop has two doors (or more-awful) I can easily go back out of the wrong one and end up miles form whoever I was supposed to be rendez-vousing. Shopping centres are a special nightmare.