31 May 2009

holiday romance

So it's the end of the holiday, not all spent at home. We spent a couple of days on the estuarine beaches of the North Kent coast (on this particular day, Graveney Marshes o). I love the sound of these spaces, They're not silent, but gently quiet, the water and mud sissing softly and oystercatchers piping. The smell of the beach changes from place to place, seaweedy in place and in others sweet from the crop of crambe maritima.

There were scatterings of yellow horned poppies.

And here, and further along the coast, cloudlets of Painted Ladies, on the beach and in the tea gardens above it.

We stopped off on the way home and collected a bag of seaweed for the asparagus. I'm not sure how much good it really does. As we were planting the leeks late this afternoon with only a few people around, parakeets screeching above us, and a gentle breeze taking the edge off the still hot sun, the smell of the sea drifted across from the asparagus bed every now and again. Even if it doesn't really do that much for the asparagus, it at least makes me feel that all is well with the world.


kristina said...

Will look forward to hearing if the seaweed helps. Anything to enhance the asparagus crop! And I do love the smell of the sea... K x

Liz said...

Love the sight, sound and smell of the sea. Sand getting in everything? Not so much.

Weeping Sore said...

Your pictures are beautiful. Your interpretation of each subject is quirky and new. Your entire post conveys that sense of peace you close with. Thanks for the reassurance.

Anna said...

It looks beautiful - I love British beaches, especially when it's not too hot and there aren't too many people on them.