16 March 2009

home, hold, contents, yours

A couple of weeks ago a couple of us went to the V&A to see the hat exhibition. - it was Friday late on the theme of Home Sweet Home, loads of workshops, films, talks. We joined in the workshop inviting us to collage our idea of home in words and pictures on a postcard. You could leave your finished work, with a self addressed envelope and the organisers then sent you a randomly chosen postcard created by someone else. Mine arrived this weekend, and it's a beauty, now sitting on the mantelpiece.

My thanks to Laulan. I got a good deal.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea (and a fab card!); I am so looking forward to being able to get to London events like this again.

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad you liked my card! i was really digging the 1950s magazine copies as you can probably appreciate. i've just been in umbria (i was playing a concert on my medieval harp in perugia) and felt a bit shell shocked when i got back to london. but i am sooo glad to get to do wacky things like mooch round the V&A late on a friday night making postcards and lampshades. unfortunately i can't make it this friday, but if you go again (it's about mad hatters so sounds interesting) hope you have a brilliant time!