24 March 2009


A few weeks ago I bought myself a Big Sticky Pad from these lovely people hoping that it might galvanise me into doing some of the long list of things that have been piling up on my desk and in my head.

Bad things have been happening. For a start, someone managed to steal my not-very-old-and-quite-expensive bike from my back garden, a space I stupidly thought was safe. The cats got fleas. The insurance was due. My library book was overdue. Blimey, it comes to something when owing £3.40 in avoidable library fines is more irritating than having to shell out hundreds to cover all those other bills.

Anyway, I've managed to tick off four of these things, five if you count sewing a button on my boy's trousers. I also managed to do some more rewarding things - make a daffodil card, a simnel cake and a pot of tea for my mum.

I cheated and used ready made marzipan, and I forgot to stick it under the grill to toast the topping so it looks a little pale. Even so, it was a fine cake, a very fine cake indeed.

I have now got over that library fine and other irritations and normal service has been resumed.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, your list is very artistic.
Mine are just ..well...lists and nowhere near as colourful. What I found myself doing the other day was, not having anything I could "tick" as completed, I added something I'd managed to do that wasn't on the list, just so that I could tick it! Barmy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, meant to say that cake looks delicious.

colleen said...

Liz - that adding done things to the list for the sake of ticking - made me crease up.