23 February 2009

matters of the heart::1

I've been under the weather, a post viral thing, that made me achy and grumpy. I'm over it now.

I'm not over wanting to live in Ivy Cottage though. Nicholas Nickleby's family lived in a cottage in Bow so I see no reason why I can't recreate the fiction. I was reminded about it when this heart shaped ivy found its way onto our kitchen mantelpiece on Valentine's Day. ( Ivy, Ivy, Ivy-will-cling.) I've been trying to persuade John for years to paint Ivy Cottage on the window over our front door, intertwined with ivy tendrils.

Yes, I know it's daft and people would laugh. But no more daft than this old thing...

I shall just have to sit on a cushion and sew a silk seam, like Curlylocks, while the other cottager carries on playing with watering cans.

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