03 February 2009

looking ahead

I was not planning to post anything today - after all, what could match all that exuberant snowiness from yesterday. I'm still overwhelmed with how wonderful it was. Then I noticed that it is a year since I started up this blog. So I pulled out this rus in urban goddess, found in the local park a few weeks ago, keeping her eye on what's going on; like Janus, looking backwards and forwards, light and shade and so on. Generally poking her nose, I suppose.

Had I noticed sooner that there was reason for celebration, I would have opened the Tasmanian Champagne left over from Christmas instead of the bottle of Old Bob we've just had with our lentil soup.

Actually, the Old Bob was rather lovely (oh, those fuggles). And probably more in keeping with the kind of thing that goes on here.

Cheers all!


Anonymous said...

Happy first birthday and here's to another year of Rus in Urbis.

Anonymous said...

Cheers indeed; without any doubt Rus in Urbis has been by far the most delightful new blog on the block in the past year.

Anonymous said...

Cheers! I always enjoy your posts. Heres to next year.

VP said...

Happy belated blogaversary!

I love your snowy shots - it was a great lift to the community spirit wasn't it?

I've come over to offer a suggestion for your seed/potato swap dilemma: do you have any raspberry canes that need thinning or spare strawberry runners. They (or any plant material that needs splitting etc.) could be just the job.

Have a good weekend!

PS I would have gone for the Old Bob too :)