25 January 2009

green shoots of recovery

Am I the only person who is enjoying this weather? I find it very soothing. No excuses needed for staying in if you want to. I spent half the morning putting little cedar rings onto all of my hangers, a task needing no brainpower whatsoever, incredibly relaxing and satisfying. I'm not foolish enough any more to think they might work against the moths without some kind of chemical deterrent, but they look suitably natural and smell of wet winter woods. In fact, when I was looking in my drawers for a scarf with a slightly Scottish edge, I found five more of my woollens with little holes in. Ah, well. Another excuse for staying in while I darn and launder them.

I did muster up the energy to go out with John to deliver four bags of his compost to the allotment. The sheep had escaped from the Big Field and were running around in the hedges eating bramble leaves. Then, on the plot, my garlic coming up - unfailingly, the first green shots of recovery.

Should I let the Press know?
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Elizabeth said...

I love seeing any kind of bulb making it's way out of the earth :) Nice picture.

Anonymous said...

Hadn't thought of this weather as soothing but you're right. It is.

emmat said...

As a member of the Press, I can tell you that I interviewed Jekka McVicar today and she said she thought this was her favourite time of year because of seeing all the little green things sprouting. There's just no accounting for taste. I am enjoying two vibrant mauve hyacinths I bought from Sarah Raven, but only indoors. I have to force myself outside at the moment; which I guess means, I don't join you in finding it soothing... but I applaud you! x

Anonymous said...

garlic keeps the vampires away. hurray.