18 January 2009

fireside tales:: day 1

I've had to do some work at home today so I gave John the camera and asked him to come back with some shots of the new stove pipe that he was planning to fix onto the allotment shed stove; it's been waiting (for a few years) to become fully operational. Soon we'll be able to sit inside - if we can make some room among the collection of hoes, rakes, spades, forks, buckets, diggers, dibbers, deckchairs, string, sacks.spiders and calcified seaweed - and make a cup of tea.

Alternatively, he can live the life of (on your) Mr Tod.

Mr. Tod's stick house was before him and, for once, Mr. Tod was at home. There was not only a foxey flavour in proof of it—there was smoke coming out of the broken pail that served as a chimney.


Anonymous said...

It sounds quite ridiculously cosy!

j said...

Well, I don't know how you've managed up till now, without being able to have a cup of tea, just handy.

Expect we'll see bumper crops this year.