24 December 2008


I've been wondering how to handle the final door of the advent calendar. Should it be the donkey? It might have been, but they were tucked up in their stable when I went to the farm. Or perhaps the Christmas Cake topped off with fruit - to cover the scorching (yes, despite my efforts). I need not have worried about it, because as often happens, the solution presents itself.

We are not a family prone to traditions, though I would be the first to admit that I envy those mothers who are consistent enough to maintain or create new ones for their families - the sprinkling of fairy dust, each child choosing a new bauble each year for the tree, being allowed to open just one present - which is always new pyjamas - before going to bed on Christmas Eve. If you don't count the chaotic running around for cream for the pudding, we have only one consistent tradition - the lighting of the Christmas candle by the youngest in the house and putting it in the window for everyone to see.

And here it is. With thanks to you all for the gift of your comments, for sharing your stories and work, your pictures and sounds. And with all good wishes for your Christmas.
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Anonymous said...

And thank you for one of the most thoughtful and beautifully expressed countdowns to Christmas this year. I've enjoyed every single entry, although I know that there have been sad times for your family - there's no such thing as unalloyed joy is there.

Rus in Urbis has been a constant source of delight throughout the year for this Londoner in exile - so thank you for that too. May 2009 be full of good things for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. Have a lovely Christmas and a happy and peaceful 2009.