05 December 2008


We keep asking each other what the funny smell is, then remember that the paperwhites are blooming in the kitchen.

They are among the many things that my mum "doesn't agree with " - these include camping holidays for unmarried couples, caesarian sections and credit cards. Her views on paperwhites have something to do with daffodils belonging to spring. She has not seen these yet, but if she does, I'll be waiting for her to comment.

Sorry, Mrs B. We like paperwhites in winter in this house. And they're officially in my Advent calendar.

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emmat said...

My mum doesn't agree with nature not nurture, fluffy cats, or The Beatles.

I've just been thinking that trying to define someone in terms of 'what they don't agree with' is a very funny exercise...

OH MY GOD! my word verification is MOGGIE...